Training Overview

With our constantly varied programming, you will rarely do the same workout.

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We are a friendly, 12-room long term accommodation located in the heart of Jimbaran

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Welcome to Bali Fit Camp

Lifestyle Changes

We call the Boot Camp a fitness holiday for good reason. Because it’s not just about training. Those on the standard or deluxe packages also enjoy a wide variety of activities and excursions included in the package. This way you get to see the best of Bali, and have a fun filled action packed itinerary when you are not training. It’s a great way to meet other people and really get the most out of your holiday.

Fast & Easy Results

Our Boot Camp is effective at identifying ways of reaching health and fitness goals in a structured manner.  This gives you the time and effort to focus on your fitness goals.

Fantastic facilities

It’s not all hard work!  Over the weekend, you’ll have free time to explore the beaches, surf, paint  and visit rice fields of beautiful Bali.

Dynamic workout

The whole point of enrolling in a Boot Camp is that it is as diverse as it is intense. You will make progress and change your lifestyle to a positive one.

Guaranteed Groups of Like-minded exercisers

Joining a group of like minded peers will help you stay motivated and focussed.

Pushing you to your limits and help you achieve all of your goals

Concentrated focus

At the Bali Fit Camp, we have teamed up with some of the best personal fitness trainers on the island and included a fantastic nutrition programme to put together the ultimate fitness training environment.