Our gym includes an indoor basketball court, schedule of personal training and aerobic classes, boxing, free weights, state of the art fitness equipment, and circuit training.

Our staff provides an environment that is fun, friendly, and non-intimidating. We welcome everyone and work hard to maintain an inviting atmosphere. We offer multiple fitness classes to help find the right fit for you. Bali Fit Camp also offers full-service personal training, so that you can get one-on-one attention from our certified trainers.

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We call a vacation Boot Camp  so you can rejuvenate while working out.  Those on the standard or deluxe packages also enjoy a wide variety of activities and excursions included in the package. This way you get to see the best of Bali, and have a fun filled action packed itinerary when you are not training. It’s a great way to meet other people and really get the most out of your holiday.


While the activities can change from week to week

typically you can expect:

Excursions to surf beaches with surf lessons with top surf instructors.

Cultural trips to temples, to get a deeper understanding of the local culture.

Excursions to beach clubs, like Sundays  and Finns Beach Club

Meals out in lots of different venues (payable locally) as the social scene is is very important part of the Bootcamp

Experience authentic Balinese Culture

Excursions to beaches


Fast & Easy Results

Our Boot Camp is effective at identifying ways of reaching health and fitness goals in a faster way.

Changing your Habits

Understanding your habits and making the switch from a static everyday to lifestyle changes

Dynamic workout

Many people lose focus and motivation because they get bored. The whole point of Boot Camp is to get focussed and set a goal


It’s not all hard work! In your free time, you’ll relax beside the pool. Over the weekend, you’ll have free time to explore the beaches, surf, paint and visit rice fields of beautiful Bali. Very different from training in your normal gym in the home.

Guaranteed Groups of Like-minded exercisers

Having a shared goal means that there is a sense of camaraderie and support which is not always found in other exercise sessions.

We are the up and coming fitness boot camp operator with rolling start dates and guaranteed groups of school students.